Buying luxury real estate is an exciting and satisfying thing to do, but it isn’t always as straightforward as you would wish. People who are selling a luxury home often try to over-hype its potential to get you to pay more than the home is worth. And while luxury homes often aren’t the kind of homes real estate agents have to use creative terms to sell the way they do with “fixer uppers,” you still have to be savvy to make a good purchase at a great deal.

Watch For Weasel Words in the Property Description

Words like “virtually,” “amazing,” and “potential” can tip you off to the fact that the house might not be all that it seems at first glance.

Photos May Not Tell The Whole Story

When you’re looking for a luxury home, you want a home that is high-quality and built to last. Unfortunately, not every California mansion was built with your eye for quality and attention to detail. So always take a walk-through the house to see things with your own eyes. That hardwood floor that looks awesome in photos might be cheap parquet, bamboo, or even laminate. With California home prices the way they are, home remodelers sometimes go for the budget option where possible, and if this isn’t your style, you should know upfront. Other areas where you may see cheaper materials are in outdoor fencing (plastic vs. high-quality wood or metal) and in kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Get a Home Inspection by Someone Familiar with Luxury Homes

Home inspectors are professionals who are supposed to give an unbiased opinion of the work that needs to be done on a home. However, home inspectors are people, too, and if they’re not used to inspecting luxury homes, it’s possible that they could get dazzled by the beauty of the home and not look beneath the surface. Also, the greater the square footage of the home, the longer a home inspection will take, and someone not used to the time investment required to conduct a thorough inspection of the size of home you’re looking at might miss crucial areas. Here at Ewing and Associates, we only work with the best home inspectors, so count on us for a referral to a quality home inspector who is adept at inspection of luxury homes.

Choose a Realtor Who Will Cut Through the Fluff

You don’t want a realtor who only tells you what you want to hear in order to secure the sale. You want someone who will be on your side, tell you the truth, and point out possible defects in a home if necessary. One of the ways that you can know what you’re getting is by choosing a real estate broker who comes highly recommended by other people in the community. When you choose Ewing and Associates, you’re getting just that. Our reputation and connections in the community go very deep, and we are highly recommended by people who have worked with us before. Ask us for some of our testimonials.

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