When it comes to selling a luxury home, the approach is vastly different compared to selling a regular house. Right from the beginning, when selling a luxury home, it is important to have a clear strategy set that will help elevate your property and market its unique features in the right way for buyers, and at the right price.

If you are selling — or planning to sell — your luxury home and are wondering how to market it, do not worry! At Ewing & Davis Luxury Living, our agents have years of experience buying and selling luxury homes. To help you get an idea of what it takes, we’re going to share seven tips when it comes to marketing a luxury home. When you’re ready to sell your luxury home, contact the experts at Ewing & Davis. Our agents take the stress out of marketing your home. Until then, check out our tips on marketing a luxury home.

Pay Attention to Detail

Let’s be honest, marketing a luxury home is no walk in the park and requires focusing on even the smallest details. Every detail of how you choose to present your home needs to be polished and refined. The details play an important role when staging your home for buyers and making sure the exterior and landscaping is flawless. You’ll also want to make sure your marketing materials are perfect. Be sure to proofread your copy, ensuring that there are no errors. Even a small issue like a typo can negatively affect a prospective buyer’s decision about your home.

Know Your Buyer

When it comes to marketing your luxury property, you’ll want to have a understanding of the wants and needs of the property’s target market. There are plenty of things that buyers look for, like nearby school districts, recreation, and more. Educating yourself on all the information a prospective buyer might be interested in can be very beneficial, as you will be able to market your property with more success by focusing on the benefits, values, and features home buyers care about the most.

Invest in Professional Photography and Materials

Most prospective buyers are going to look at real estate listings before scheduling a viewing. Good luxury home listings include images, and even video tours, of the property. Don’t settle for low quality cell phone images, hiring a professional photographer can really make any home look its best. You’ll want the pictures of your luxury home to attract the buyers, capturing every aspect and detail, and hiring a professional photographer will do that.

Like mentioned above, some listings may even include video tours of a luxury property. Video tours are becoming more and more popular throughout real estate listings. Whether a prospective buyer is across the country or across the street, a video tour will allow them to get a good look of your home and the features it has.

While professional photography and video may be costly, they are both considered a good investment. The better the media looks on your listing, the more likely your luxury home will attract the right buyers.

Price Your Home

Knowing your buyer and investing in professional marketing materials both play an important role in selling a luxury home. However, the price is a factor that is ultimately the biggest influence in a prospective buyers decision. Deciding on a price for your luxury home may be one of the hardest parts of the selling process. Your property should be advertised at a price that will attract buyers, a price they are willing to pay.
Incorporate Lifestyle Marketing

While it’s important to market its best features when selling a luxury home, it is also important to create a certain prominence that will spark desire throughout interested buyers. Fundamentally, it is key to develop a distinct atmosphere or quality in a luxury property that prospective buyers can relate to. Luxury home buyers aren’t just interested in the property, they want to be able to connect their lifestyle to it. Incorporating lifestyle marketing to your home can be difficult as each interested buyer may be different, but it can end up being beneficial. For example, instead of having your copy promote a large living area, you could expand on it more by mentioning how great the space is for hosting gatherings, like holiday celebrations, birthdays, and more. This is someone that some buyers may be looking for, potentially influencing their decision to buy. In the end, lifestyle marketing should feature a quality that potential buyers can enjoy.

Create a Customized Marketing Plan

To get the best price for your home, a bland and generic marketing plan won’t do the trick. Luxury homes are unique — most luxury homes are different from each other and therefore need to have different and distinct marketing plans. Luxury homes should be advertised more in depth than a regular home. This means steering away from the generic brochures and promoting your property to only qualified buyers who hold the intent and means to buy. At Ewing & Davis, our estate agents specialize in marketing. Our marketing strategies are designed to achieve maximum exposure for your luxury property, highlighting its unique features.

Find the Right Estate Agents

Even if you are familiar with the principals involved in marketing a luxury home, doing it efficiently is not as simple as it seems. That’s why it is important to choose the right agents or brokers that can bring their expertise and guidance to the table. The team at Ewing & Davis have years of experience buying and selling luxury homes in Southern California and the surrounding areas. As a seller, we keep your interests in mind and work with you to achieve the best outcome. We are committed to providing top-tier real estate brokerage services to buyers and sellers throughout the most prestigious communities throughout Southern California.

When you work with a team that has the expertise and knowledge on how to market a luxury home the best way, the chances of drawing in prospective buyers increases, which will increase the chances of having the successful sale you were looking for. Let the team at Ewing & Davis Luxury Living help you, contact us today!